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Welcome to our latest newsletter

We hope everyone is keeping warm in these chilly months. The good news is the days are getting longer and spring is just around the corner.

Do you have multiple superannuation accounts? Would you know? We start this edition outlining how you can consolidate your super and save.

If you are ready to take the leap into home ownership then the article on 10 habits of successful homebuyers is a must-read.

We also look at marriage breakdown and the range of different financial issues it can bring.

The article on ageing baby boomers is sure to provide inspiration to those that don't want to be associated with the 'R' word.

Finally, too much to remember in today's busy lifestyle? We have included an article with some information to improve memory.

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Mary Kelly

Consolidate your super and save

If I offered you a year's pay for an hour or so of work, you would probably jump at the opportunity.

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10 habits of highly successful homebuyers

Ready to take the leap into home ownership? It’s worth doing your homework first.

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Taking control of your finances post-divorce

Marriage breakdown can be highly traumatic and brings a whole new set of issues when it happens later in life.

Ageing is old hat for baby boomers

By Bernard Salt

This article was originally published in The Australian

There was a time, not so long ago, when retirees were happy to be called “retirees” or “seniors”. After all, these older Australians had worked hard, raised a family, paid their taxes, volunteered, done their bit and now it was time for them to enjoy a long, happy and healthy retirement as “retirees”.

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This simple trick will help you remember absolutely anything

Stop "outsourcing" your memory to Google and start investing in the power of your own mind.

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