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Spring is in the air!

Welcome to our latest newsletter, where we look at why having the right financial role models can help create more positive emotions about your finances. We have provided a list of five key areas to consider when you're thinking about the best way to invest your super.

Learn about some important things you should know before embarking on the division of assets during a divorce. And, don't get caught out by a common sharemarket trap. Read our article to find out more.

Are you addicted to your phone? Check out the tips to help you kick your smartphone addiction.

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Mary Kelly

The power of financial role models

Role models are important in many stages of life. Be it school years, on the sporting field or in your career, having a positive role model, someone to compare yourself to and measure your progress against, can be a powerful and positive influence.

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Five ingredients of a great super fund

If you stay with the default super fund provided by your employer there’s a chance you’ll miss out on thousands in super. Here are five things to look for in a super fund that could boost your super savings.

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Sorting out your finances during divorce: how to divide shared assets

When going through a divorce or separation, one of your first tasks will be to divide up what you own together. This is called the ‘division of shared assets’, and can be a challenging process.

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Avoid the most common sharemarket trap

Perhaps the most common trap for share investors is to concentrate too much on the daily movements in share prices.

Are You Addicted to Your Phone?

Keeping connected is paramount in today’s digital society, but is our inconsumable obsession with our smartphones taking a toll on our inner health?

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