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Happy 1st Birthday!

Welcome to our 1st Birthday edition of the MaKe Financial Decisions newsletter. In celebration of our 1st year in operation this month we are excited to announce the launch of our new website  If you have a spare moment click on the link and have a browse through the site.

In this edition, we focus on the end of the Financial Year by reviewing the year just gone as well as a market update. We also take a look at what you need to address when submitting your tax return and encourage you to look at the 2014 Federal Budget summary which came out in May and how it might impact you. Given the start of the new financial year we look at Financial Organisation and offer tips on what areas you should be addressing to ensure your financial health is up to date.

 We hope you enjoy the variety in this collection of articles in this edition.

Brian Parker, a Senior Investment Consultant at MLC Investment Management, reviews the 2014 Financial Year from an Australian and International perspective.

We have also included a summary from the 2014 Federal Budget announced in May. These are listed in dot point form so please have a look to see how these might affect you in the future. A detailed document and video can also be accessed through this article.

As the Financial Year has finished, we all have to focus on submitting our tax returns – I have included an article outlining some matters you should consider when preparing to submit your tax return.

In light of the new financial year commencing I encourage you to review your financial health and challenge you to set yourself goals in these areas. It is important you are aware of your current situation, how you are prepared for the unexpected, and have you addressed all areas of your financial health?

Also included is a short article on Unclaimed Bond Money.  If you or anyone you know are renting or have rented in the past, you might be entitled to a refund of some bond money.

The ThreeSixty Research Market update for July provides a brief economic and market update on events happening around the world.

To finish off, we have included some quirky queries for some light entertainment.

If you would like to talk about these issues or any other topic, please give us a call. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy reading this newsletter and visiting our new website.

Warm regards,

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